Sandfox guides and supports founder-led companies preparing to attract buyers or investors




We understand that every business and situation is unique. Our introductory consultation allows us to analyze your business model and ecosystem, corporate structure, financial health, strengths, weaknesses, and objectives. We provide valuable feedback throughout this consultation, regardless of whether or not you choose to engage Sandfox.


Leveraging valuable insight into how investors and buyers analyze businesses, we help your company position itself for maximum value by proactively addressing any red flags before they have a chance to complicate or jeopardize a potential transaction. These predictable and often curable issues are otherwise discovered in due diligence, at which point the potential buyer or investor has tremendous leverage to renegotiate or walk away.


Whether you have been approached by an investor or buyer interested in your company, or you wish to initiate a transaction proactively, our FINRA-certified professionals have extensive experience running efficient M&A and capital raising processes that deliver exceptional outcomes for shareholders – while allowing management to continue operating the business with minimal disruption.


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